Monday Moments

Monday Moments

Winner of 2019 Benjamin Franklin Award!

Filled with optimism and promise, faith and a disposition of never giving up, Monday Moments weaves a golden thread of gratitude as inspiration for everyday living.

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About the Book

Sometimes life brings us blessings through adversities, and if we are lucky we grow from what we learn. MONDAY MOMENTS is full of optimism and promise, hope, faith, and a disposition of never giving up.

Curated from the author’s long-running Monday Moments blog, this is a collection of the most inspiring and thoughtful entries. Through this careful selection, Ann reveals the inner emotions of living through challenges as she learned patience, embraced the feeling of comfort, knew peace and became stronger digging ever deeper for courage, all the while recognizing and cherishing prayer as the stepping stone to God’s guiding light.

As you read this book you will find a golden thread of gratitude running through it. This is the book you will want to cozy up with and enjoy as Ann shares with you what she found were really the treasures in life after all.

Genres: Inspirational, Non-Fiction
Tag: Award Winner
Publisher: Top Reads Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 0998683841
ISBN: 9780998683843
List Price: 20.00
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