Finding Flowers in a little pile of Sh*t

Finding Flowers in a little pile of Sh*t

Don Hanley had every reason to believe he was born a worthless burden, but he finds that splendor is there for those who seek it, and it might even be inside him.

Release Date - February 7, 2023

About the Book

Don Hanley’s early life was shaped by insults and put-downs, starting with the delivery doctor declaring him just another mouth to feed when he was born. From a very young age, his father and older brother hurled physical and verbal abuse at him and never let an opportunity pass by to tell him that he was nothing more than a worthless pile of shit, so Don grew up believing there was nothing good, special, or important about him. But there are other clues along the way that allow Don to imagine that, despite contrary opinions, he just might be intelligent, good, and worthy of love.

Along his journey, each clue gives him a piece of his confidence back, which fills him with the determination to make his dreams of becoming a priest and providing for his mother come true. In following his dreams, he discovers other possibilities for his life that the pain of his childhood had him believe he was not worthy or capable of. And another comment, intended as an insult, would change the course of his life forever; he would be condemned for being a free thinker.

Genre: Biography / Memoir
Tag: New Release
Publisher: Top Reads Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
Format: paperback
Length: 406 pages
ISBN: 9781970107395
List Price: 18.99
eBook Price: 4.99
Don Hanley’s courageous and ruthlessly honest memoir offers the reader a blueprint for continually building and remodeling one's life. A fascinating and inspiring narrative.
– Ellen Terich, Ph.D, psychotherapist, educator
An invigorating account of a remarkably rich life, Finding Flowers in a Little Pile of Shit is gripping both in the life events it chronicles as well as in the refreshing world view it explores. … The memoir takes us, the readers, on a voyage of intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth where we uncover not only Don’s experiences, but also how to live life not as casual visitors but as real participants. Highly recommended!
– Ghada Osman, Ph.D., LMFT
Everyone's life is a story waiting to be shared and Don Hanley has shared his in this brutally honest rendition of his story. He reveals his life challenges resulting in victories and defeats. joys and sorrows, fulfillment and emptiness. He discovers his true self and his worth as a true human being when he experiences being loved.
– Robert P. Merz, Ed.D University Administrator in Division of Student Affairs and Graduate Faculty in the College of Education
The author of "Finding Flowers (in a little pile of sh*t)" knows that I don't care much for the title. But the book is great! It is a heartfelt, passionate and insightful telling of the early years of his life. And what a life that has been. It exhausted me just keeping up with all Don went through, all the sorrows and struggles. Plus the triumphs. Fortunately his self-deprecating humor and his growing awareness of the complexities of the human condition kept me going, anxious to know what comes next. And now I also know why the title is important to him.
– John Costanzo, Ph.D, College Administrator, Rector, American College, Leuven, Belgium
About the Author
Don Hanley P.h.D

Don Hanley has lived a very full 90 years in the western United States. A child of the Great Depression, Don was born in Nebraska in 1933 and began his working life at age eleven at a lumber yard, first in South Dakota and later in Kansas. In 1964, he was ordained as a Catholic priest but later left the priesthood to marry. Don earned a doctorate in psychology and has worked as a psychotherapist, graduate school professor, and counseling supervisor. His writings include professional articles and booklets and a series of three novels. Don lives in northern San Diego County.

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