Angels Looking Through

Angels Looking Through

Stories of Contact with Remarkable Spirits

People want to believe that when a loved one dies we remain connected through a universal system of love, knowledge, and guidance.

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About the Book

People want to believe that when a loved one dies we remain connected through a universal system of love, knowledge and guidance. Paul Lambillion gives us evidence of such connections in his new book, Angels Looking Through. The most remarkable messages in Angels Looking Through come from the many cases of ordinary people Paul shares with us in which he uses the mediumistic abilities he was born with to facilitate conversations that bring greater understanding to the unfinished business left by death—the child who died, the marriage that was never happy but perhaps could have been, or to talk once more with someone much-loved sharing the personal details of what made their relationship precious. Such conversations start a process of healing, alleviation of guilt, or simply bring joy to the heart and confirmation that there is life after death. A note from the author: “Angels Looking Through was written to inform, inspire, and comfort, as well as to explain that the human individual continues to exist beyond what we call death; that those we have known and loved continue to be interested in us and our welfare, and certainly can and do seek to communicate with us should we wish them to; and that such communication is natural, benign and loving. I hope you find it useful as you work through your own journey here on the earth, with its ups and downs, highs and lows, births and partings, and that these stories offer a glimpse along the way that there is a higher purpose to our existence, however impenetrable that purpose’s meaning may seem at times.” ~ Paul

Genres: Non-Fiction, Spiritual
Publisher: Top Reads Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 0996486038
ISBN: 9780996486033
List Price: 13.99
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About the Author
Paul Lambillion
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