A New World of Hope

A New World of Hope

A history professor from the 22nd century seeks to escape his present by traveling to the 21st century to better understand what happened that set the United States of America on a very different course.

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About the Book

Mark Haloran is a history professor living in the 22nd century with nothing to lose. This makes him the perfect candidate to test out the new time machine his friend Sam Shafer thinks he has finally perfected. Mark travels back to the year 2019, hoping to connect with his great-great-great-great-parents, high conscious thinkers who he hopes will believe his story and help him with his hands-on research. His goal: to find out what happened following the 2016 presidential election that changed the course of humanity forever. When Mark’s plan for a short vacation to the past is unexpectedly extended, he gets to work, with the help of his family, to give the 21st century a taste of the future.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Top Reads Publishing
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781970107173
List Price: 17.49
eBook Price: 4.99
“A New World of Hope is a wonderful story about second chances. Hanley shows that having the courage to be open to new possibilities is what gives us the power to move mountains in the world and within ourselves.”
– Sylvia, 5-star review
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About the Author
Don Hanley P.h.D

Don Hanley has lived a very full 90 years in the western United States. A child of the Great Depression, Don was born in Nebraska in 1933 and began his working life at age eleven at a lumber yard, first in South Dakota and later in Kansas. In 1964, he was ordained as a Catholic priest but later left the priesthood to marry. Don earned a doctorate in psychology and has worked as a psychotherapist, graduate school professor, and counseling supervisor. His writings include professional articles and booklets and a series of three novels. Don lives in northern San Diego County.

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