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I want my book to be published by a big publisher, why should I bother paying to get my book designed?
Publishing has changed vastly over the past 15 years and the process for getting noticed by big publishers has changed with it. That’s why independent publishing was born along with the wonderful new technologies in digital printing and the internet. More and more books are winning awards and becoming best-sellers that are written by indie-published authors. It can be much more profitable plus you have complete control over your content, production and marketing decisions. Becoming a successful indie-published author is what gets the attention of the big guys now.
What is an ISBN and why do I need it?
“The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributor.”

A couple of things to keep in mind when buying an ISBN for your book: 1) Make sure you buy an ISBN that directly registers you as the publisher, this way you own it and can take it wherever you decide to publish your book, whether via POD, traditional or international markets. Beware if you are offered a FREE ISBN. Know your rights as the author and publisher of your own book. Most of the information you need to know is on the website. 2) You need a different ISBN for each edition of your book, e.g., paperback, hardcover, audiobook and some ebook formats.

Can you help me with my first book?
Yes! I love first-time authors and can assist you with the entire process, preferably beginning while you are still writing. I offer a one-hour phone consultation for $50, which I will apply to my project fee if you hire me. If you don’t hire me, I promise you will have lots of useful information and answered questions when we are done.

My goal is to make your first book experience so great that you want to hire me for your second and third.

How long will it take to get my book in print?
Once an author completes their manuscript, most book projects take 8-12 weeks or more, depending on factors like: page count, editing, what type of book it is, what type of cover design you want, if printing method is POD or offset, and what my current work load is at the time we sign the contract. I can usually give a close estimate after I get more specific information. If you’d like a no-obligation estimate, send an email and give me a few details about your project by filling out this form.
Once my book is done, can you build an author website for me?
Absolutely! However we recommend that you build your website before your book is done so you can start promoting it online. We specialize in creating websites for authors and we can build everything from a single blog-type website to a full website with e-commerce, media information, multiple pages, multiple books, and so much more. Visit the website page for examples.
Can you update my website if it was built by someone else?
We sure can. There will be some information we need in order to access your current site, but in most cases we can add to or modify it without too much trouble. Send us a note and fill out the form here and we can give you an evaluation and estimate.
How long does it take to build a website? I need it fast!
Often times we can get a simple website built in a week or two. An average ten page website may take two to six weeks, but of course it depends on several factors. The main factor involves the content of the website. Many clients provide the text and images for their website, but if you need help we can do that, too. We start with an outline of your site, determine the look and feel, number of pages, functionality, and other details, then we build it.

If you are an author and we have designed your book, then we already have some of the content like your book cover image and other metadata from your book marketing set up on Amazon for instance. It’s important to brand your website with your book design. We simplify this process and make it easy for you.

If you need your website fast, it’s best to fill out this form so we are better prepared to discuss your options, and be sure to mention your deadline so we can address your needs more quickly.

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